Easter and Early Spring Edition

In this edition of our Newsletter from Venice, we’re sharing tips for exploring Venice in April, and a project we’ve been working on during winter: A magazine called A GARDEN IN VENICE.

We’ve also collected resources for you to learn more about Venice in spring: A flower walk around the city, books on Venice and the Lagoon in English, and a few culinary tips. You’ll also discover a special Easter story about our neighborhood in Venice. We hope you enjoy reading this first “regular” edition hosted on this website!

We’ve started A Garden in Venice, a magazine on Substack taking you virtually into a secret garden located five minutes from Piazza San Marco. Until 1968, it had been the home of the nuns at the San Zaccaria monastery.

And here’s what you’ll find inside.

See our neigbhorhood in April, currently all fresh-green fig leaves, geranium blossoms, and mimosa, in this special story of how our grandmother showed a guest around in Venice.

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